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    • Orbital Enterprises has entered into an agreement with GreenTech Group, Limited. This agreement allows Orbital to redomicile into GreenTech Group, Limited at a future date. Once completed, GreenTech will be able to complete an audit that will culminate in the filing of its Form 10 to become a fully reporting entity to the Securities and Exchange Commission. This was a goal that was not realized as Orbital Enterprises. Now, GreenTech looks forward to the completion of this journey.

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    • Orbital Enterprises announces that a lawsuit has been filed naming Service Team, Inc., Hallmark Venture Group, Inc. and its officers and directors for the looting of Orbital Enterprises, Inc., and Frank's TV of Nevada. It is not common practice for us to ever comment on matters concerning litigation. However, the public, including the Shareholders of Orbital Enterprises must know that justice will be done. Feel free to click on the link (below) we have provided for download of this public document.

      Orbital Enterprises V. Service Team, Inc.